As a photography teacher...

Hi Vehbi,


Thank you so much for sending the presentation and for the inspiring class. It was really helpful and I already tested some of the things we discussed :-)


Hope you are enjoying spending time with your new baby girl!





Hi Vehbi,
Thank you so much for all your help and advice on the photography course, I found it extremely useful.
Best wishes

Hi Vehbi,
Thanks for sending on the slides. I really enjoyed your class and have been inspired to play around with my camera more! If I take any amazing shots (which hopefully I will) I will make sure to pass them on!
Best wishes,

Hi Vehbi,
Just a quick email to say I really enjoyed my digital course with you and thank you for the notes. Also CONGRATULATIONS on the birth
of you baby daughter, I have two myself. I will keep in touch maybe send some pics and see what you think.
I have attached a picture that I've taken , this is for your daughter as I'm sure it is as beautiful as she is.

Thank you so much Vehbi for sharing your knowledge and passion. You made that class very lively and interesting, I loved it and it gave me the motivation to start my journey in photography.

All the best,


Thank you so much! Emily really enjoyed the class, you are a great teacher! 



Hi Vehbi,


I started a new course the weekend after we saw you and have been studying 15 hours a week as well as working full-time.  But as you say no excuse really, I should respond earlier.


It was lovely to hear back from you and you were very welcome to the beautiful words, you deserved every compliment.


I have now seen another photography lesson on Groupon to do some street photography on the South Bank.  I have purchased 2 vouchers for that.  It is with a company called Frui.  Are we lucky enough that you work freelance for them too, do you?  If so, are you doing any of their Southbank courses?  Please let me know if you are as I would love to arrange to be taught by you again as we really did love the way you teach, and were so inspired by your passion for photography.  We could maybe adjust the date we chose by when you were teaching.


Mike took many notes about which camera to buy but I can't find his notes and don't want to ask him for them as I want to surprise him.  You suggested some cameras to us, but I can't remember which.  When we were talking to the guy outside the course he showed us his camera and his wife's camera and we preferred the 'not quite so good but light in weight' camera. I think the one you suggested to us may be a little big and heavy for us as a starter camera.  Maybe we start with a light one and do what that guy did, after a while he wanted to more 'advanced and bigger' camera so gave the smaller one to his wife and bought a new one himself.


Could you maybe suggest a smaller camera for me to buy for Mike please?


I hope you are well and still passionately enjoying your photography.  I looked at a couple of photography courses with Frui, one in Morocco and the other in Istanbul. They were a little expensive at £899 for effectively 4 days especially as that didn't include flights and we have to find the cost for two of us but I would so love to go on a camera course like that.  We're all booked up for expensive holidays for this year, and next year we are booked to go to the Maldives, but who knows, 2013 might be our year.


Please remember to let us know if you are doing any 'on location' photo shoots that we could join with you.


Take care,


Linda & Mike

Hi Mark,


I would just like to say, what an AMAZING tutor we had on Saturday.  My husband and I learned so much from Vehbi Koca, he was so passionate about his photography that we found it totally infectious.  I have been on a Beginners Digital Photography course for 2 hours a week for 5 weeks in Milton Keynes before but I learned more in the first 1.5 hours of Vehbi's class than I learned in the entire 10 hours of the course before.  He has such a simplistic way of explaining things that I immediately "got it".  Now you might say that is because he was just cementing in what I had learned before, which could possibly have some truth in it, but my husband has never been on a course before and he came away with the same enhanced learning experience I did.  Maybe you could feed back to Vehbi how great we thought he was.


We would DEFINITELY be interested if there was another class being run by Vehbi and would be willing to make a weekend of it again.  Perhaps a weekend course?  Although I do have to say that the Groupon price was very attractive and I don't think we'd be able to afford a weekend course if it didn't have such beneficial rates.


Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful day.


Kind regards,


Linda and Mike Wardlaw.

Hi Vehbi,

apologies, I hope you don't mind me contacting you on your official website. I wanted to say thanks again for a great introduction to photography at the academy class, I found it so useful. You mentioned that you could email us the slides from the course, and it would be fantastic if you could as they were great slides and even though I took a lot of notes, there was so much information! Even if I could just have the slide with the flow chartyou created would be a massive help. I've had a look at the work of some of the photographers you mentioned to us. I think my favourite is definitely Sebastião Salgado. He's incredible. I've also had chance to have a look at some of the pictures in your gallery on this site, which were fantastic. I particularly loved the Shankill Road one with the guy sitting watching the burning sofa; it's fantastically bleak butreally beautiful too.

Thanks again and all the best for the future.


Hi Mark


Vehbi made that course for me – he was patient, enthusiastic, expert, funny and incredibly inspiring.


I came as a total novice with a camera that I’d never used, which seemed more like a museum piece compared to the kit of the other delegates, but I still took valuable knowledge away, and more importantly a strong desire to learn more.  In fact, I’d do the same course over again once I’ve become more familiar with the camera.


I even came home that night and, editing existing photo’s, demonstrated the rule of thirds and framing to a captive audience!


The facilities and pace were perfect, and the staff very warm and welcoming.  The Saturday session availability made it even more appealing.  I came away with a positively brimming view of Academy Class – a fun and enjoyable learning experience.  Thank you all!  Pease feel free to share this feedback.


Warm regards.




Hi Vehbi,


Thank you so much for this, and for all the tips last week.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and can't wait to put what I learnt into practice!


Kind regards